Is This The Right Time To Buy Gold In India?

The Current Rate of Gold

Ever since the new Narendra Modi government came in New Delhi the sentiment of stock market and national economy has been positive because of his development agenda and when that happens gold rate in India is bound to come down, which makes it the optimum time to invest money in gold. Many first time investors have the tendency to feel insecure about putting their hard earned money in gold because it is highly volatile commodity and price fluctuate a lot. Given the fact our economy at the moment is going through a complete overhaul and reforms, all the financial institutes are facing market uncertainty and that lead them to look for alternative to invest their money to be able to use the profit for some other business.

For ages, gold has been touted as a secure form of investment, because all the precious metals in vaults is like liquid money that banks can not use for investment rolling. This factor alone has awaken general public and small scale investors that gold is a solid investment option that doesn’t lose its shine due to shaky economy. These days all the smart investors fill their portfolio with gold bars and coins. However the bigger question is that when price for gold in india constantly fluctuate, when is the perfect time look forward to investing in gold? Well, gold experts have different views and opinions on this. Some say this is the best possible time, and some say otherwise. Therefore, it becomes very confusing for amateur investors to plan their purchase.

In India the spot price for gold constantly shift gears and goes from low to high in almost every minute. In that situation you must have a source of accurate gold price in India that you can rely on and whenever you see price go at the lowest point, you buy gold right there. Therefore, having your eye stick to market movement and gold price charts is the best way to evaluate the best time to buy gold. However, if you lack information, the time is now to buy it because the economy is going through several reforms and majority of people are purchasing bars and coin because they know the price will bounce back in next 1-2 year.


The factor that decides gold price is the value of top currencies in the world. As the dollar rate declines, it has its direct effect on gold price because when dollar goes down, gold rate rises. Unless the global economy doesn’t get back to normal growth rate, the gold demand will always increase and because of that prices will rise too.

The government in India has also lift gold import rules which has allowed dealers to import gold in large numbers which directly affects the rate. This is the perfect time for all the beginners who are willing to put their money into gold to earn decent profit in next couple of months.