The Rise of Beauty & Skin Care Salon Business

It’s definitely not a hidden secret that beauty salons, spa and hair treatment clinics makes tonnes of money by selling their services. Given the fact it’s a business that is based on providing excellency in services, this can be easily scaled by providing services the customers are looking for. Hiring professionals, giving top notch services

Low Gold Rates Causes Bleak Investment Future in India

It’s a well known perception that indian people love their gold, they are obsessed and always looking for a reason to buy more gold. You see their wedding events, brides will be covered with heavy gold ornaments, temples you visit you will see people pouring gold coins and bars over their beloved gods and goddesses.

Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox Live Hit By Network Connection Trouble

Tokyo, Japan – On the evening of Christmas millions of Xbox and Playstation users experienced network connection issues and soon after that Microsoft published an update that the company is working to resolve the problem. Hacker group called “Lizard Squad” has claimed the responsibility for the network attack, however both Sony and Microsoft has denied

Is This The Right Time To Buy Gold In India?

Ever since the new Narendra Modi government came in New Delhi the sentiment of stock market and national economy has been positive because of his development agenda and when that happens gold rate in India is bound to come down, which makes it the optimum time to invest money in gold. Many first time investors